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bask in my glory


Lil' Mikee Gee
i am filled with hate and geekiness.
fear me.
and check out my artwork on enzostudios

and i also have:

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lilmikeegee on twitter

my art can be found at:
Comic Space

Deviant Art
(this is my main art site now, fyi)

30 Character Challenge

Comics 2 Film

Enzo Studios

RUIN can no longer be purchased at:
because the publisher and i do not see eye to eye on getting paid for work
do not support Alterna.

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ad&d, alex raymond, aliens, animation, anime, art of noise, babylon 5, bananarama, battlestar galactica, bauhaus, big audio dynamite, black books, blade runner, british comedy, buckaroo banzai, buffy, cinematography, clerks, clone wars, coen brothers, comic art, comic collecting, comics, computer games, danny boyle, dark crystal, dave cockrum, diablo 2, doctor who, dragons, dune, dvd commentaries, electronic music, escaflowne, fantasy art, farscape, father ted, ferris bueller's day off, fifth element, films, firefly, flash gordon, frank herbert, frank miller, fritz lang, gatchaman, george perez, hayao miyazaki, hong kong action, hunter s. thompson, irish culture, james bond, japanese culture, john byrne, john hughes, kafka, la femme nikita, labyrinth, last starfighter, lazytown, little britain, logan's run, lord of the rings, luc besson, macross, manga, masamune shirow, massive attack, max headroom, metropolis, miniatures, mobile suit gundam, mockumentaries, monty python, mospeada, movies, mucha, my wife, neal adams, olivia newton-john, p. craig russell, pc games, philip k. dick, photoshop, pink hair, pixar, queen, ray harryhausen, record of lodoss wars, ridley scott, rock and rule, rpg, science fiction, serenity, silver age comics, simpsons, soundtracks, space 1999, stanley kubrick, star trek, star wars, steve martin, tangerine dream, tenchi muyo, terminator, terry gilliam, the police, the young ones, tolkien, toulouse-lautrec, tripods, tron, tsui hark, ufo, v, vangelis, video games, wine, x-men, xanadu, zeta gundam