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space academy


I got Space Academy for Christmas. I loved this show when I was little.
It ran on saturday mornings in 1977 from filmation. it was in repeats thru 1979.
THe show was about a group of kids on a space station crafted from a manmade planetoid exploring the universe and learning about it and themselves. It has a spaceship that i adore. i used to take pencil top erasers, draw a hatch and a window on int, and play space academy.

It starred jonathan harris of lost in space fame as the commander and main educator. the kids were teens that came from various tv backgrounds, some even have had roles in the original star trek.

there is also a robot, peepo, that is a radio shack toy by comparison today, but them mezmerized me.

Jason of star command spun off the popularity of space academy.

the miniatures are very well done.
it takes place in 3732, a bit farfetched, but given how slow we are exploring our galaxy may be right on the nose.
the seeker, the space ship, has a comfortable interior. well thought out as well as the seat are cushioned and have seat belts.
some of the kids have super powers which makes them similar to the legion of super heroes in a way.
some of the kids can mindlink.
this show prepped me for loving the x-men later.
the original v lifted its fighter designs from this show.
i love their uniforms!
the control room has the same sound effects as trek did.
camelopardus- an exclamation or a star cluster, depending which kid you are.
i miss afros. they were so cool
there were some megos made for the show. i dont remember them tho.
brian tochi was in star trek, police academy, and revenge of the nerds (toshiro takashi)he also is the voice of leonardo in tmnt
pamelyn ferdin was mary in star trek. and a ton of tv shows in the 60s and 70s. she is a nurse now.
ty henderson was in madame's place and santa barbara
the music often riffs on superman

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yes i did a robotech episode. even tho i hate robotech, i love mospeada and hold macross in the highest esteem. it was nostalgic for me so there...

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